AceAge’s automated medication delivery appliance delivers medication safely and securely to patients


Guelph, Ontario | October 1, 2018 – Today is International Day of Older Persons, a day declared by the United Nations to recognize and celebrate the nearly 700 million people worldwide over the age of 60. It has been predicted that by 2050, over 20% of the world’s population will be 60 or older. This booming demographic demonstrates the demand for new, innovative technologies that will assist older individuals in their later years with daily tasks, engagement, safety and more.

CEO of AceAge, Spencer Waugh, was inspired to develop their automated medication delivery appliance Karie after seeing his own grandfather be admitted to the hospital eight times in one year due to medication mix-ups, an all-too-common but preventable result of seniors tasked with managing their medication regimens at home. Managing dosages can be complicated, often leading to human error, non-adherence, and poor health outcomes.

“Karie was designed with the feedback of our target market, in order to make available a user-friendly, effective and secure solution,” shares Waugh. “Karie’s automated system schedules, delivers and monitors pills for patients, enabling older individuals to age in place, relieving the burden of medication management on caregivers and reducing healthcare costs.”

AceAge recognizes the importance of secure medication storage and delivery. This is why they created a home health appliance that offers several security features including face recognition, pin code access, cartridge mismatch notifications, 72 hour battery backup and early dose prevention.

“In May, AceAge selected Applied Recognition to provide recognition technology for biometric identity authentication for Karie,” says Waugh. “It was a natural decision to add Applied Recognition’s technology to our flagship product. Now, our end users can dispense their prescriptions at a glance and without worry that, for example, another person might inadvertently get access.”

Available later this fall, Karie’s early dose prevention features include the ability to bolt the device to your countertop, lock in the cartridge and disable early dispensing.


About AceAge Inc.

AceAge Inc. is a healthcare technology company, creating intuitive products to ease the aging process and improve health outcomes.  Its upcoming product Karie is a home health appliance designed to help people take their medication safely, as directed by their physician. In addition to the release of Karie in 2018, AceAge has been working on various other upcoming initiatives, including i2P2 Studies.

Watch how Karie works: Karie – Medication Made Simple Video


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