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About Us

AceAge is a healthcare technology company, creating intuitive products to ease the aging process and improve health outcomes.

Our product Karie is a personal health companion that organizes, schedules, and dispenses pills with one-button technology, ensuring that patients are taking the right medication at the right time. Karie is easy to use, enables greater patient autonomy and ensures better healthcare through a highly coordinated program.

In addition to the release of Karie in 2019, AceAge has been working on various other initiatives, including our I2P2 study with CABHI and the implementation of applied facial recognition.


Organizes. Schedules. Reminds. Delivers. Monitors.

Karie is a home health appliance that organizes and delivers medication. It’s a personal healthcare companion, empowering users and improving health outcomes.

Karie provides an automated solution to the common, costly, but completely preventable problem of poor medication adherence for elderly patients living alone.

Why Karie?


Enables People to Age in Place

23% of patients in long term care are institutionalized because they cannot take their medication properly. AARP reports that 90% of seniors wish to age in their own homes. Karie allows aging individuals to age in place by automating medication regimens.

Relieves Caregivers

Karie reduces the burden on caregivers by eliminating the stress of medication non-adherence. In addition to Karie’s scheduling and delivery features, the device uses smartphone technology to alert family when a patient has missed a dosage.

Security Features

  • Face Recognition
  • Pin Code
  • Early Dose Prevention
    • Bolt to Countertop
    • Lock in Cartridge
    • Disable Early Dispense Function
  • Cartridge Mismatch Notification
  • 72 Hours Battery Backup

Reduces Healthcare Costs

Karie can mitigate the cost of medication non-adherence, which is $290 billion in the US annually. Karie removes the chance of non-adherence through human error via its ability to organize, deliver and monitor medication regimens leading to better health outcomes and increasing one’s control over their care.


Learn how Karie works.

Are you leaving the house for an extended period of time? Karie’s Going Out feature enables users to dispense the medication you will need while absent. Watch how it works.

Karie has a single-load action and dispenses pills with one-button control. This easy to use appliance uses pouch-packaging that is administered by your pharmacist. Watch how to load Karie.

Karie reminds users to take their medication by lighting up and making a chiming noise. Watch how Karie reminds.

Press Releases

Dignio & AceAge partner to offer Karie smart pill dispenser in Norway

Dignio & AceAge partner to offer Karie smart pill dispenser in Norway

Oslo, Norway | February 3, 2022 – Dignio AS, Norway’s leading provider of digital remote care to Home Care services and Care Homes, announced today that it has integrated AceAge Inc. Karie – smart pill dispenser, into its Dignio Connected Care solution.   Lars...




A pilot study conducted with University of Toronto demonstrated that the medication delivery device increases medication adherence by 300%.

University of Toronto Study

This pilot was a randomized, cross-over study in which the participants underwent three weeks of medication treatment with the assistance of Karie and three weeks of medication treatment without using Karie.
University of Toronto students were recruited as participants and took Omega-3 dietary supplements. Medication adherence was measured by a device delivery log, pill count and as 7 day recall. The 12 participants also completed an exit survey and interview. Only 20% of participants were considered to have been adherent during the control phase, in comparison to 80% were considered to have been adherent using Karie. The study demonstrated that Karie, the medication delivery device, increases medication adherence by 300%.


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