Oslo, Norway | February 3, 2022 –

Dignio AS, Norway’s leading provider of digital remote care to Home Care services and Care Homes, announced today that it has integrated AceAge Inc. Karie – smart pill dispenser, into its Dignio Connected Care solution.  

Lars Dahle, Dignio Chief Executive Officer stated “Dignio’s Connected Care platform connects Healthcare professionals and their patients using a web-based software and a user friendly patient app. The solution is integrated with a variety of measuring devices and now also the medication dispenser, Karie. With this dispenser, we can provide a secure and safe medication delivery that seamlessly integrates to ensure the patient remains independent, but never alone.”

“Karie, by notifying and delivering a patient’s medication dose in simple to use packets, promotes patient’s wellness and independent lifestyle”, contributed John Simmons, AceAge’s Chief Executive Officer. “Karie also notifies Healthcare professionals, thru the Dignio Connected Care platform when missed doses occur, providing timely intervention that promotes medication adherence.”

With the first customers already onboarded, over 200 Karie dispensers is now in the homes of patients all over Norway. Dignio’s Chief Medical officer, Meetali Kakad, explains why Karie results in positive outcomes. “Electronic medication dispensers, like Karie, ensure that patients get the right medication at the right time. Dispensers safely free up time that health care personnel can use for those in greatest need. Our experience shows that the Karie electronic medication dispenser offer patients greater peace of mind and freedom in everyday life. When combined with Dignio Connected Care patients receive the best possible assistance from health care personnel if they forget to take their medication.”

Dignio introduced Karie – smart pill dispenser, in Norway in 2021, with plans to expand across other nordic countries, starting with Iceland.


About AceAge Inc.

AceAge, a healthcare technology company creating intuitive products to ease the aging process and improve health outcomes. AceAge’s product, Karie, is a smart pill companion that delivers, reminds, connects and secures your medication to promote medication adherence. It is ideally suited for those needing to manage 3 or more medications simultaneously. Karie was designed to make medication management as simple as possible to ensure user independence and wellness, while providing caregivers with peace of mind.

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About Dignio

Dignio have ten years of experience with welfare technology, and is the market leader for remote care solutions in Norway. Dignio offers healthcare providers an optimal solution for delivering value-based care to patients in their own homes, empowering them to take charge of their own health with resulting of improved patient outcomes and a more sustainable healthcare system.

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